Strong Real Estate Market

The Real Estate market is experiencing sharp growth since 2012, at a yearly growth of up to 10%. Almost a 90% increase in comparison to the other 485 urban areas in the United States. 


Experienced and Foreign-Friendly Market

The United States is one of the largest investment markets in the World. Americans and Non-Americans have worked harmoniously in this Market for decades.


Low Interest and Mortgage Rates

Current Government and Private Mortgage Rates are between 3-4%. Refinancing your properties is also possible at similar rates.


USA Economy is Constantly Growing

The increase in Real Estate prices reflects the constant recovery of the U.S. Economy. This directly influences a constant improvement for the Rental Market, which is projected to gain more value in the future.


Landlord friendly programs and enforcement regulations

It is relatively hassle-free to end a lease or evict a tenant from a property.


Easy and fast process to buy and sell Real Estate

Why Philadelphia

5.8 Million People

Philadelphia is a large metropolitan area with over 5 million residents, making it the 5th largest city in the United States.



Philadelphia is located on the East Coast of the United States, between New York and Washington DC. It offers a wide range of opportunities for commuters in various states and is speculated to become America's next Metropolitan Hotspot.


Growing Market and Increasing Real Estate Sector

Ground value and rent is constantly rising in Philadelphia. This is due to development programs all across the city and the expanding areas around universities.


Colleges and Universities

Philadelphia, and its surrounding suburban area, are home to an extensive number of Colleges and Universities. Some of these institutions include: Drexel University, Temple University, Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine, and University of Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania, or more commonly referred to as UPENN, is a member of The Ivy League Institutions, which is known worldwide for their prestigious standards in Educational Excellence.


Private Industry

The city is home to many companies which include: TV Networks, Internet Providers, Insurance Companies, Energy Providers and a vast Food Service Industry.


Famous Hospitals

There are several famous hospitals in Philadelphia. Among them are the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.


Excellent Transportation

Philadelphia has an extensive public transport system including: subway, International Airport, and major water port.


No Extreme Weather Conditions

Pennsylvania is a landlocked state. Although closely located to the coast, Pennsylvania does not experience Hurricanes or other water damaging weather conditions.