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Meet The Team

Ran Farkas

Founder and part owner of Skyland Development. Ran utilizes his more than ten years of experience to guide and manage the direction of the company while also specializing in investor relations.

Alexander Edelkraut


CSO and part owner of Skyland Development. Alex manages accounting for the office and is also the on site manager for construction operations. He specializes in management and data analysis and has over a decade of real estate experience. 

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Yelena Farkas

Founder/Part Owner

Founder and part owner of Skyland Development. Yelena specializes in discovering new locations that are ideal investment opportunities. She finds and researches these new properties while also providing guidance on the future development of the company.

Galina Dusenko 

Director of Customer Service

Galina performs direct client and investor communication, problem identification, and problem resolution. In service to this end she maintains in contact with clients and investors, researches policies and laws and prepares necessary documentation. 


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Lamont Brooks

Leasing Agent

Lamont works with property owners to match apartments, homes and buildings with the optimal tenants. He handles the signing of leases and may also act as a landlord for property owners. 


Frank Jamir

Director of Marketing

Frank produces and maintains all media marketing within the company. He also handles construction site permits and inspections. He brings with him brand marketing experience and a specialty in media outreach.

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Monica Martinez

Executive Assistant

Monica performs a broad array of administrative tasks including managing an active callender, coordinating with staff and organizing high level meetings both internally and externally. 

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Jason Sunga

Administrative Assistant

Daily administrative duties and completes a broad variety of administrative tasks that include managing an active calendar of appointments. Communicates with the general staff  and coordinates task with high-level meetings both internally and externally.

About Skyland Development 

Skyland Development is a real estate development company located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. We successfully provide turnkey services to our investors nationwide by managing the entire process. Our goal is our investors achieved a high return on investment. This is accomplished through our seamless property acquisition, swift renovation process and experience property management services.

High Return for Your Real Estate Investment in Philadelphia

Real Estate Investing Made Easy

You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with real estate investing while minimizing the typical risks and hassles. Skyland Development has developed a better way for you to maximize your cash flow through investing in single family rentals.

When you partner with Skyland Development we will:


  • Identify and help you select solid, cash producing properties.

  • Guide you through all phases of acquisition. 

  • Manage all aspects of the property after your purchase Help you sell the property when you are ready.


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